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Originally published in 1922, Margery Williams’ The Velveteen Rabbit, Or How Toys Become Real has never been out of print and continues to be a cherished story for kids and fans of children’s literature. The timeless tale of a stuffed rabbit seeking realness for himself through the love of his owner will speak to any child who has a favorite toy. A young boy receives the Velveteen Rabbit as a Christmas gift, but soon the allure of more exciting toys pushes the drab bunny aside. The story teaches readers about unconditional love, appreciation of inner beauty, taking pride in yourself, and loss. When the young boy contracts scarlet fever and all his toys must be burned, the Velveteen Rabbit is magically saved and turned into a real bunny. That the Velveteen Rabbit was at first ignored in favor of toys with mechanical parts will perhaps register with young readers today who know how much has changed about the kinds of toys – and technology – kids play with. This new edition from Doubleday Books for Young Readers, which maintains the original text and includes new reproductions of William Nicholson’s warm illustrations from a rare original edition in New York, would make a wonderful gift.

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