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Cori Di Biase’s debut novel, These Can’t Be Choices, is a powerful and moving one filled with many layers, from the characters to the setting. Readers meet Ben, who was sent to prison to overcome his demons and has a real chance at living happily ever after. Di Biase uses flashbacks to tell his story so readers learn about Ben bit by bit. I enjoyed this because it allowed me to get to know Ben slowly. There is so much that makes up his character. As the story progresses and Ben opens himself up, good comes his way. Maria shows him that love can be found even after heartbreak and people can learn how to love again.

There are many reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed this book. First, this book is not cheesy. I like it when the book that I am reading has many layers and surprises and is not just a formulaic story. I don’t like to waste my time while I am reading and I want to like the story. Readers who pick These Can’t Be Choices won’t waste time and they will really enjoy the book! Second, the character of Ben is able to take on this story with his maturity. He is able to overcome his tragic past and make a new life with Maria. Finally, the author’s writing is excellent. Di Biase gives readers something worth their time and money. This will make them want to come back time and time again and revisit this author’s world and work. I think that anyone who picks up this book will see the value of it and will enjoy it as much as I did.

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