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Enrique C. Benages has assembled some short stories focused on cats. The main character, Tommy, is in each of the stories. The first story centers on Geronimo, a wild, old cat that Tommy adopts and brings into his home. The second story, Independence, relates a time when Tommy finds a kitten that he cannot keep so he places her in the schoolyard. The kitten goes on to produce 70 other cats. Tommy gets sick and is unable to care for the cats so Tommy’s father asks a family friend to help out. The third story is written from heaven where the clouds speak to Tommy in his eternal sleep.

The writing is simplistic and the story lines are uncomplicated, but it is evident the writer loves cats. There are lessons that can be drawn from the tales and these simple stories could lead to good discussions between parent and child. The illustrations are basic, also, but get the message across.

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