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From an ice hotel in Quebec to suspended tents in New Caledonia, this new publication from European guidebook publisher JonGlez brings together a fascinating collection of adventurous, exotic and just plain weird lodging options that will tempt even the most discerning traveler. From Canada to Sri Lanka, from above ground to underwater, from luxurious to primitive, there is something here to tempt every taste and budget. Think a night in a vintage Airstream trailer is unusual? How about rooms in a military prison, an underground silver mine, the largest tree house in Europe, a concrete pipe, or an aquarium? Organized by country, each of the 120 unique hotels chosen for this edition has a good full-page color photograph of the site and a brief description of notable features offered. More detailed location, contact and pricing information for each property can be found at the end of this captivating volume. This book is a highly recommended and fun read for armchair and extreme travelers alike.

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