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Vampires Cat and Bones are no strangers to danger; it’s what brought them together in the first place.  When they learn of the disappearance of Cat’s former colleagues and discover horrifying genetic experiments with the otherworldly going on in Cat’s former department, they soon find themselves in more danger than ever. They must work quickly to shut down the lab, rescue their friends and stop a war between the undead races before it begins.

Up from the Grave is the latest and the final installment of author Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. It’s always sad when a favorite series comes to an end but fans of the Night Huntress series should not worry – they will be satisfied with this send off. The book is full of the trademark chemistry, banter and action that readers have come to expect from Cat and Bones. Additionally, there are several cameos from characters from the previous books (including the Voodoo Queen). There are a few nice twists and turns in the plot and several questions get answered, if not resolved. This is a great book – and a great series – from start to finish.

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