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If you have a dinosaur lover in your household, Walking with Dinosaurs The 3D Movie is for you. It is a reusable sticker book with over 50 stickers. The book relies on a two page spread of slick photos for your child to place their stickers on. The book tells your reader that long ago dinosaurs roamed the earth and flying reptiles filled the sky. Then it is up to your child to place the stickers where they belong on the page. The book proceeds to introduce the little reader to various dinosaurs such as Patch and Scowler who are Pachyrhinosaurus. When the great migration happened, dinosaurs traveled to other areas. When Patch and Scowler migrated they met friends such as Juniper, another Pachyrhinosaurus. At the end of the book, your child is asked to match the stickers to the descriptions of the dinosaurs.

Although the storyline is not complicated or even complete, your dinosaur-lover will be enthralled, nonetheless. Kids love stickers and reusable stickers make the fun last even longer. The background photos are realistic looking and the stickers show the details of the dinosaur.

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