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Toddlers love to ask questions. As a parent you either love or hate this wonderful stage, depending on your toddler’s level of tenacity in keeping the interview going. A series of four books celebrating the art of one of children’s literature’s most beloved authors, four time Caldecott winner Leo Lionni, introduce toddlers to the concept of the question. Guided by illustrated mice inspired by Lionni’s most recognizable character, Fredrick, children interact with these precious board books as they answer the questions put to them. Who is that animal? The animals are not all typical animals a child might already know, providing new learning opportunities.

“Sometimes, I must admit, the motivations of a book may be found in a sudden, unreasonable urge to draw a certain kind of crocodile.”

When is it a certain season or time of day? The answers may not be given. Where did that mouse go? Those mice get into some creative situations! What is the mouse looking for? Not just cheese. These basic questions help develop a child’s ability to communicate, while a parent finally gets a chance to ask questions instead of answer them. The books are also durable and short enough to keep the attention of even the most busy toddlers.

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