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Venice, in the days of the pleasant excesses of the mid-eighteenth century, is the beautiful setting for the story of Tito Amato. All of Italy loved the opera and Tito had been a singer until an accident destroyed his voice. But he was presented with the opportunity by Maestro Torani to assist in directing operas at the finest opera house in Venice. Asked to find a new opera, Tito locates a piece written by a second-rate composer that is so wonderful it could have been written by Vivaldi himself. But nothing is as simple as it seems and Tito soon finds himself embroiled in political intrigue, deceit, and eventually murder.

When Maestro Torani is killed, Tito becomes a suspect, and decides he must investigate on his own to discover the murderer. The future of his beloved opera house, the Teatro San Marco, as well as his own future, is at stake. Under suspicion, he is fired from the opera house and told to never return. The hunt for the killer puts Tito in danger but he refuses to quit.

The mystery and shocking conclusion will hold the reader enthralled throughout this wonderful book.

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