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If you cannot afford a high-priced interior decorator, leafing through William Hodgins Interiors by Stephen Salny will be your next best choice. This is a very beautiful, large-format coffee table book filled with equally beautiful home interiors which combine design, architecture and art. Hodgins is a famed East Coast decorator with clients throughout the country. A twenty-nine-page overview introduces Hodgins, and includes many photo examples of his work. The main body is thirty-four clients’ decorating schemes in chronological order. Each client’s wishes, the living conditions and discussions with Hodgins are briefly summarized in one or two paragraphs. Then come about a dozen photos of each of the finished interiors room-by-room, with some rooms shot at different angles.

“The interiors included here, ranging from classical tradition to modern, give a broad picture of the breadth and inimitable accomplishments of Hodgins’s ongoing career.”

The photos range from a quarter to a full page, and some are spread over a page-and-a-half. With each photo, we can read a description of the interior decorations. Hodgins’ style is mostly classical and understated; his rooms are the best money can buy and feature costly antiques, paintings, sculptures and other accessories. This volume is as good, if not better, as house tours of these expensive residences. A long list of Hodgins’ clients and references end this volume.

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