BestFootForwardWomen’s Footwear, Adornments and Feet

3 star

By Eric La Price
Booker Press, $29.95, 120 pages

This very unusual, hard-cover, beautifully produced book is all about women’s feet and their footwear. In Best Foot Forward, Eric La Price describes through photos and short texts the various aspects of this interesting subject. He gives brief history of each aspect with illustrations through many photos. First high heels, then ballet flats, sandals and flip-flops, adornments on footwear, walking barefoot throughout history, toe rings, anklets and foot tattoos. We also learn about shoe-making technology in history, the importance of foot care and pedicure, and briefly, the work of nail technicians.

“I hope you enjoy the medley of fancy and sometimes unadorned footwork in this collection.”

The text is nicely written and provides interesting background to the photo illustrations. The photos are very good but mostly small: just barely larger than thumbnail sized, some twice the size, others half- and full-page illustrations. Readers are unlikely miss the absence of page numbers, as there is no way we can refer to, or find, photos we want to see again except with bookmarks. The other shortcoming of this volume is the overwhelming number of photos, almost two hundred in all. With such a large number it is difficult to focus on any individually.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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