LarryWashingtonDCEngaging Story Coupled with Tons of Facts


By John Skewes
Little Bigfoot, $16.99, 32 pages

Meet Larry (dog) and Pete (boy) as they go on an adventure to Washington, DC.  They got out at the Arlington Cemetery to walk but soon Larry smelled something delicious. Larry was shortly chomping and slurping until he realized Pete was nowhere to be found. Larry searched for Pete, wandering through many famous DC sights, including to the National Archives, the White House and Vietnam Veterans Memorial until a librarian in the Library of Congress picked him up to help him find his home.

This is a book that reinforces learning and history and is a fun, unique story. Kids will be engaged and curious as they turn the pages to follow Larry and read the facts presented; they will not even realize how much they are learning!  This reviewer loved the “Get more out of this book” section at the end, which suggests additional ways to use this book as a learning tool. The illustrations are colorful, detailed and realistic. Children will certainly spend hours reading, exploring and repeating all that they learn from this wonderfully engaging book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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