LuckyDogFictional Stories Benefit Real Animals


By Various Authors
Scholastic, $15.99, 181 pages

Twelve well-known authors come together for this heartwarming collection about love and friendship. Lucky Dog: Twelve Tales of Rescued Dogs is set at a fictitious rescue center where readers come to know dogs on a personal basis, then read their stories as each are adopted. Each contributing author tells the story of one animal, from shelter to happiness, detailing how their lives and hearts change over time.

“There were mixed breeds and purebreds – some lunging against the cage doors, urgently demanding attention, while others sat patiently waiting…. His heart ached for each one. How could he choose?”

Scholastic favorite Marlane Kennedy tells the story of two dogs who share a bond in “Package Deal.” On Rudy Martin’s twelfth birthday, his wish for a dog comes true. When he falls in love with one dog and leaves the hound’s friend behind, Rudy must put his wit to use to find the other dog a happy home. Kennedy’s story is a happy one, as are those from the impressive roster of authors, including Ellen Miles, Teddy Slater, and Allan Woodrow.

These are feel-good stories that create awareness of animals that need extra care and love, while still keeping a lighthearted tone suitable for young readers. All royalties from Lucky Dog will be donated to RedRover, an organization that assists animals in crisis.

Reviewed by Lori A. May

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