MiniQuiltsA Quilter’s Paradise is Found in This Detailed, Thoughtful Book


By Jodie Davis & Jayne Davis
The Taunton Press, $22.95, 160 pages

The premise of Mini Quilts is to remove the daunting time commitment it takes to create a full-blown quilt. Mini Quilts suggests 16-inch designs can be made much faster, and are just as beautiful as larger quilts. The opening chapter covers quilt basics and offers numerous tips, directions and photos. Part one is dedicated to patterns and techniques. Each technique includes an introductory paragraph of information, an accompanying skill level and a “What You’ll Need” list. Sections also have a “What You’ll Learn” summary, a line-drawn pattern, step-by-step instructions with pictures and a full-color photo of the finished project. Tips and notes are highlighted too, and the fabric-cutting chart is a welcome addition.

“Mini quilts may be small, but they have big personalities. They are a snap to make, and many take only a few evenings to finish.”

Thoughtful instruction is plentiful throughout Mini Quilts. The highlighted techniques are varied, and even an expert quilter will learn something new. The book also recalls knowledge from earlier chapters, with the third part containing four projects based on techniques taught in part two. The book closes with templates, a glossary, metric equivalents and additional resources. Mini Quilts is a detailed how-to book that will inspire, instruct and hone the skills of any quilter.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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