ShelfLifeIt’s Not All About Books


By Christina George
CreateSpace, $8.99, 274 pages

Shelf Life: The Publicist – Book Two picks up right where we left off with Kate Mitchell, a publicist in the high-energy city of New York. Kate is confused about her competing affections for MacDermott Ellis and Nick Lavigne. Shelf Life is the sequel to The Publicist, and should be read that way, as new readers may be confused without an explanation of the characters and their motivations. The ending is predictable, even without finishing the third portion of the book. Obviously the author intended for Kate to stick with the choice she made early on, and readers know there’s no hope for the other. It would have been more engaging to draw out the tension amongst the threesome and further develop the character who lost Kate’s affection.

All that being said, this is a really fun read that is difficult to start without finishing clear to the end. Author Christina George deftly conveys the power struggles and challenges of the publishing world and adds a spicy layer to an otherwise formulaic romance novel.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson

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