AdjacentA Fascinating or Migraine Inducing Read

3 star

By Christopher Priest
Titan Books, $14.95, 400 pages

Christopher Priest’s newest book, The Adjacent takes readers for a somewhat confusing ride through parallel timelines. On the surface, the book follows a photographer whose wife has recently been killed in a terrorist attack involving a weapon that leaves a unique triangular shaped field of devastation. The book consists of numerous short stories with characters who lived during different timelines. While at the same time the story slowly weaves together as the story unfolds.

The Adjacent can be incredibly confusing book to some readers, particularly since Christopher Priest includes elements that tie into his previous works. The overall pace of the book is very slow, therefore, readers who are looking for a quick read may want to pass this one. However for people who are looking for an interesting book filled with stories that don’t easily divulge their meaning then this book is for you.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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