ArtofCastlevaniaAn Art Book for Old and New Castlevania Fans


By Martin Robinson
Titan Comics, $34.95, 192 pages

The Art of Castlevania – Lords of Shadow is a beautiful book filled with images from both new generation Castlevania games. The book includes character sketches, concept art, and gorgeous full page images of promotional art and finalized character designs. Divided into ten chapters, The Art of Castlevania includes sections dedicated to Gabriel Belmont, Dracula, the Belmont family, main allies and villains, the games’ weapons, a bestiary, and a section for different environments and settings. The book is peppered with informational nuggets that give deeper explanations for the motivations of the creative teams and the artwork itself.

The Art of Castlevania is a beautiful, well-constructed coffee table book that anyone who enjoys art (particularly of a gothic nature), or is interested in the process involved in building a world for video games will love. This book is perfect for both longtime fans of the Castlevania series, as well as newer fans of the current Lords of Shadow series.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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