ArtofThiefA Closer Look at the Gritty World of Thief


By Paul Davies
Titan Books, $34.95, 192 pages

Titan Books has been gaining a reputation for producing beautiful art books full of vibrant, high-quality prints, and The Art of Thief lives up to expectations. The book is a collection of concept art, sketches, 3D models and storyboards from the game Thief (the reboot, not the original series). The Art of Thief is broken up into four chapters, one for the main character Garret, one for the rest of the characters in the game, the third details the loot, puzzles and props, and the fourth features the background art of the city.

The book is dark and foggy, perfectly capturing the atmosphere and palette of the game. The Art of Thief is a great book for fans of the game, or those who want to take a peek at the artistic process of video game development.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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