TheDoorAn Intriguing Look at the Afterlife

3 star

By Andy Marino
Scholastic, $17.99, 304 pages

Hannah Silver has always lived an odd life – she lives in a lighthouse with her mother, is home-schooled, and has never been allowed to have guests. When her mother’s friend Patrick comes to visit with his nephew Kyle, Hannah thinks she just might have made a new friend. Things go wrong when Hannah’s mother reveals that Hannah is part of a long line of guardians of the door to the afterlife. Shortly after, her mother dies and Hannah must go after her. Once beyond the door, she finds that she is more connected to the city than she ever thought – and in more danger than she has ever been.

The Door, by author Andy Marino, is an intriguing look at the afterlife (which hopefully will not have so much paperwork) as well as a thrilling story. The character of Hannah is well written, quirky, complex and endearing. The supporting characters, particularly Stefan and Eri, are also wonderful throughout the book. The plot is nicely laid out and has a nice pace. Overall, older children or teens as well as fans of fantasy will enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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