HauntingoftwentyfirstCenturyAmericaThis Book Will Hook You


By William J. Birnes & Joel Martin
Forge, $29.99, 416 pages

While George Clooney did a splendid job in The Men Who Stare at Goats movie retelling the oddities our government often wraps itself in, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything The Haunting of Twenty-First Century America has between the sheets. Paranormal activity, investigation, and interest is a larger than life industry and has deeper roots in our lives and history than most are often willing to acknowledge. With twenty-two pages of notations and nine bibliography pages, the authors wanted to ensure readers that the information they are reading has been heavily researched, fact based, and noted where information might be sparse, conflicting, or needed elaboration. Focused on personal paranormal stories and programs, this book lays open a chapter of history unknown to most, myself included.

“Indeed, for someone so psychotically evil, it seemed that for much of his life, Hitler was protected by the same occult powers he claimed to have unleashed on millions of others.”

Containing stories of near death and out of body experiences, secret government programs, and an array of other topics, you will be submersed into a wondrous world you won’t be able to come back from until the last page is read. It is informative, engaging, and for non-believers, you too will find this book intriguing.  This is a must have book for sure!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

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