TheTimeofMyLifeStill Righteous

3 star

By Bill Medley with Mike Marino
Da Capo Press, $26.99, 228 pages

The Time of My Life: A Righteous Brother’s Memoir is an autobiography of Bill Medley’s roller coaster life as the man with the low voice in the hit group The Righteous Brothers. In this book readers will learn about how Bill grew up with an abusive father, dropped out of high school as his records hit an all-time high. The personality conflicts Bill had with fellow Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield, and how Bill quit the Righteous Brothers to take care of his son after his ex-wife Karen was murdered. Throughout this book, readers are given a glimpse into the several unsuccessful marriages Bill had before he met Paula, his wife of 27 years. Although Bill never mentions the Hall and Oates tribute record or the most famous Righteous Brothers song of all, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling. Music fans will find his stories about Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Frank Sinatra and other famous musicians interesting. Given that this book is not terribly introspective, the style of writing is easy and fun to read, and leaves the reader yearning to learn more about Bill’s life and career.

Reviewed by Dick Weissman

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