TheVisitorsGhosts in the Past Prove Unshakeable

3 star

By Patrick O’Keeffe
Viking, $26.95, 275 pages

The Visitors centers around the story of two families intertwined in the past while still influencing the present. One night, Jimmy is approached by a disheveled Walter, who insists that he has been sent by Jimmy’s childhood friend, Kevin. Kevin’s father loved Jimmy’s Aunt Tess. This love consumed Kevin’s father, yet he stayed with Jimmy’s mother until death. Jimmy loves Una, Kevin’s sister and cannot seem to move beyond what he could have had with her. Jimmy returns to upstate New York to see Kevin and they reminisce about the past. While visiting, tragedy strikes and leaves even more scars for Jimmy to deal with.

The Visitors has many twists and turns, as well as glimpses into the past.  Love and loss pervade the characters’ lives and seem to influence unshakeable ghosts. This reviewer got lost in the story and ultimately never connected with the characters or the plot.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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