WhenBadThingsKnittersAwesome Knitting Resource for Beginners and Experts


By Marion Edmonds & Ahza Moore
The Taunton Press, $21.95, 160 pages

Marion Edmonds and Ahza Moore have written a very successful sequel to their first edition of When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters. The second edition, the Revised, Expanded, and Updated Survival Guide for Every Knitting Emergency, begins with a helpful knitter’s toolkit. Pearls of wisdom are highlighted throughout the book in green boxes, and there are many line drawings, tables of information and a wealth of knitting knowledge. Sections on finding the right needles and yarn offer practical advice to the beginning knitter. One of the most useful chapters is about how to read patterns correctly. Emergency substitutions are suggested, along with the art of stitch counting and numerous frequently asked questions regarding finishing. Chapter six offers six patterns from hats, to scarves to mittens. The book closes with an abbreviation decoder and a suggested reading list.

“We believe that knitting is more than a system for manipulating needles and yarn–it is a path to self-knowledge.”

Edmonds and Moore write with an easygoing, clear style that should put the knitter at ease. Directions are numbered, drawings are easy to follow and potential mishaps are addressed. When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters is a resource that every knitter, rookie or seasoned, will benefit from having in their knitting library.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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