AChristmasStoryA Revived Old Fashioned Favorite


By Caseen Gaines
ECW Press, $29.95, 197 pages

Nothing makes the holidays better than meatloaf, leg lamps, BB guns, and bullies! In Caseen Gaines newest pop culture book, A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic, readers are given a special tour of one of America’s favorite classic movies from the early eighties. Gaines adventure starts when he pulls up to the once house and now museum, of the one and only, Ralphie Parker. And this is where the adventure begins. A gift shop across the street, two massive buildings housing memorabilia, and the actual house used during the filming, complete with the nostalgic leg lamp! Gaines wanted to do more than just retell a story. He wanted to give readers the history behind it, insight into the characters, filming, and every in and out, he could acquire.

“…after seeing the other tourists get out of their cars without forking over some green, Josh and I began to feel we had overpaid for what should been free parking.”

Filled with grainy old colored and black and white photos as well as a plethora of photos of what appears to be fan submissions; this book will delightfully take you on a trip down memory lane. For the young and old alike, this book is definitely one worth reading!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

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