ArchaeologyinFictionThe Real Scoop on Archaeology, With a Twist


By  Dr. Scott C. Viguie
Bear Manor Media, $14.95, 92 pages

This was a very interesting book and a lot of it included information most people probably don’t think about. But, after you have read it, you really start to wonder. The author explains to the readers that an archaeologist does so much more than people might think, how mythology is wrapped into history and by digging up clues, more knowledge about mythology is gained. It also means that while there are still questions unanswered, this lets the mind run wild and often people come up with some great stories of their own, like the adventure Indiana Jones goes on in search of the treasure. He also take some of the fun out being an archaeologist by saying that 70% of the time, the research is done in a library, but this is also where you can find the clues needed for that next big treasure hunt!

“In truth, archaeology started out as little more than grave robbing with many involved in the process truly being raiders.”

This book was short but packed with so much information. It was easy to understand and has a little excitement added to it that is perfect for any age. This reviewer would definitely recommend this book to others!

Reviewed by Avery Heimbuch

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