ClarktheSharkAwesome Book to Teach Sharing in a Positive and Humorous Way


By Bruce Hale, Illustrated by Guy Francis
Harper, $17.99, 32 pages

Clark the Shark loves school. He loves his teacher and learning, but sometimes he gets things mixed up. One day, it’s time for “Show and Share.” Benny Blowfish goes first and played a song, and Clark the Shark gets up to dance. His teacher told him to sit down, but Clark insisted that “sharing is caring.” Clark is presented with many situations where he thinks he are sharing, but his classmates do not feel Clark is sharing. Clark begins to think that sharing is confusing and complicated. He really doesn’t understand sharing at all. When he gets home and finds that his brother ruined his cap, Clark is mad and doesn’t understand why he should share his cap. Clark sits in his room and begins to connect the dots on what sharing really is, based on the previous events at his school. He decides to bake for his friends as an apology for not really sharing. Sharing ended up being sweet, after all.

The wonderful illustrations coupled with humor and a realistic story will definitely help children understand sharing. Clark the Shark Dares to Share is truly a clever way to teach your child what sharing is and is not. Clark the Shark will definitely be present in many homes with this very positive, relatable story.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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