By Paula Conway
Riverdale Ave Books, $19.99, 266 pages

Are you bummed that The Walking Dead is over for the season? Why not celebrate the group’s safe arrival to Terminus and keep your fan friends happy by throwing an undead party! Paula Conway, author of Dead Sexy: The Walking Dead Fan Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties, and a Ghoul-Lurching Unlifestyle, can help you keep the fun going until the series returns.

Conway used to be a strict vampire fan. True Blood was her show, but then she watched The Walking Dead and realized how much drama, shock and horror is involved in each episode. She came to the conclusion that most people around her, especially the living, were just like zombies – living in the world just trying to survive day to day. Conway plays with that idea in her book and offers hints, tricks and tips on how zombies and fans can have a much nicer lifestyle.

In case you want to catch up on zombie lore and history, Conway includes some along with a Rorschach Personality Test which can help you confirm whether or not someone you love is a zombie. The book’s sections on etiquette, dating and giving gifts to a zombie are very funny. “Although zombies read very slowly (what’s the rush?), most appreciate a good read and the giver has many choices.” The remainder of the book is filled with chapters including Zombie Style, Beauty, Costumes, Jewelry, Clothes and Accessories. Conway also provides ideas for food and drink. The recipes have great names (i.e. “Bloody Red Catfish” and “All the Guts Cherry Pie”). Thank goodness your party guests won’t only have to eat BRAINS! A section on games will help complete your festive party atmosphere. The final chapter offers real locations around the world that are haunted, creepy or have some connection to zombies.

What makes this book so much fun? Almost every suggestion and tip is accompanied by a black and white photo of the item or idea being discussed and Conway provides information on where you can find it online or in stores. Now you have no excuse – start planning your big Walking Dead ultimate fan party now!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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