EurekaMostAmazingScience and Medicine Readings for Young Readers


By Mike Goldsmith
Thames & Hudson, $19.95, 95 pages

Written for young readers who have an interest in science or want to awaken their scientific interest, Eureka! is an excellent volume for them and adult readers as well. With a huge number of illustrations and short, easy sentences, most young readers will be quickly engaged in this text. Author Mike Goldsmith selected nineteen scientific discoveries of the last half millennium which he considered to be the most significant. He writes about and illustrates each of these, mostly over four pages (including a full-page photo or drawing of the discovering scientist). Other illustrations, both photos and drawings, are from thumbnail size to half a page.

“Science allows humans to understand the world.”

There are many features to keep young readers’ interest, including little note-pad like, brief, relevant notations. A sidebar with basic bio information is part of each discovery. The top of pages start with “Scientific Aims,” “Challenges,” and “Results,” and some sidebars providing scientific “Extras.”  Some pages have sidebars called “Danger!” warning readers about some unsafe experiments (e.g. holding an electric eel in your hands). The illustrations, photos, drawings and sketches are beautiful and eye-catching. The glossary at the end of the volume briefly explains many terms used in this wonderful book. Young readers and adults will be fascinated reading this book.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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