GrizzlyBearsofAlaskaA Colorful Adventure with some Grizzly Bears


By Debbie S. Miller, Illustrated by Patrick J. Endres
Little Bigfoot, $16.99, 32 pages

Who doesn’t like looking at animals? In this book, Grizzly Bears of Alaska: Explore the Wild World of Bears, you get bright and colorful photographs showing the grizzly bear in the wilds of Alaska. The pictures capture the bears at their best from smelling the flowers, taking a bath, playing with their bear cub brothers and sisters, learning how to catch fish, and even scratching their backs on a wooden warning sign. In several pictures, you get the feeling they are even looking right into the camera. You are also given a lot of information about the grizzly bear like how their thick fur has grizzled guard hairs and can be different colors from a light blond to a dark brown. That is actually how they got their name! What is most interesting about grizzly bears is their sense of smell is seven times better than a bloodhound’s and this helps them smell food from miles away.

“Alaska is also home to black bears and polar bears. It is the only state where all three species of bears in North America are found.”

This book comes with questions in the back that can be used alone or as a group and really get you thinking more about the grizzly bear and how important nonfiction books are. This is definitely a book you will want to add to your bookshelf!

Reviewed by Avery Heimbuch

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