By Peter M. Wahl
CreateSpace, $12.97, 292 pages

In Peter M. Wahl’s new book, Lost Capital, we meet Guy Baxter who, by the grace of God, graduated from college and is thankful for any type of job that he can get his hands on. His one true gift is that of schmoozing and that feeling that there’s better in store for him than he originally thought. His luck pays off and he lands a job working in the stock market. He meets Ivan Vissar. And eCom, Inc. is born. Guy thinks his life is made. But warning signs start showing him things are not always as they seem. Things start to spiral downhill quickly.

This book is Wahl’s first. He works in the field of public health. It is fascinating that Wahl has written about something completely different than what he deals with everyday. I liked that someone who is studying public health decided to write fiction and take on the ever real subject of the stock market. There are parts that are suspenseful and intriguing that kept me, and will keep readers, guessing about Guy’s actions.

After reading this book, I realized that many of the themes throughout are timeless. Money, power, greed and how humans act when given unlimited funds will always be relevant. I also liked that Wahl kept me guessing. This is a great book that will make you want more of Guy and his trials and tribulations!

Reviewed Annie Hicks

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