TheChroniclesofPugWhere Has This Book Been All My Life


By Raymond E. Feist & Stephen Abrams
Harper Design, $26.99, 256 pages

Admitting to never having read any of Raymond E. Feist’s work prior to Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug is the first step to righting that wrong. A once avid FRPG gamer, Stephen Abrams’ started Midkemia Press and the illustrious world built in the seventies for role-playing games was born. It will pull you into this vividly captivating fantasy world as soon as the cover is opened and your eyes glaze over. As a companion book to the Riftwar Saga, you will find page after page of glossy detailed maps, character introductions, the world’s detailed history, beautifully CGI pictures, and an extensive story to encompasses the entire Saga. The maps are a variety of detail including country and city maps detailing terrain and campaigns traveled important landmarks, and city locations. Written as the personal journal of Pug’s son Magnus, you see the world as he sees and experiences it, but not so much as to reveal too much of the contents of the series.

“I’m only willing to do this out of friendship, Pug, but for the most part my role in the war was limited.”

Whether it is extensive fantasy worlds with an elaborate undertaking that has been your literature forte or you are just opening this genre for the first time, you will easily find yourself hooked and needing more. Definitely pick this book up!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

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