MightyDadsHeavy Machinery Amaze Your Little Reader


By Joan Holub, Illustrated by James Dean
Scholastic, $16.99, 32 pages

Trucks and machinery of all sorts fill the pages of Mighty Dads. Dads (in this case, big trucks) help their children (the little trucks) build things. Excavator Big helps little Vator Scoop, while Bulldozer Strong roars with little Dozy. Crane Long Arm reaches with Junior Crane, and Cement Mixer Busy spins and pours with Mixie. Each colorful page highlights a different piece of machinery performing the job it was built to do. A large version and a smaller version fill the pages, and the father watches over their little one to keep them safe and to teach them their role. Fatherly love is ever-present in this book highlighting the joys of building things. Rhyming words keep your child moving through the pages as he or she explores all the positive things happening. Everyone is helpful and hugs abound while little machines learn the tricks of their trade. Any child interested in big equipment will be mesmerized by all the activity on these pages. This book teaches your little reader what each machine does, both through words and pictures.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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