NaughtyGirlsGuideLosAngelesA New Way to See LA


By Sienna Sinclair
Naughty Girl Press, $39.99, 392 pages

When you arrive in Los Angeles, you can find your favorite star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or visit some world famous museums. But did you know that LA is also quite a provocative city? Whether you live in LA or are just visiting, the Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles will help you explore a whole new side of LA, one you may have never known existed.

Author Sienna Sinclair considers herself a Naughty Lifestyle Expert. As an adult model, burlesque performer, sex coach and world traveler, she decided to combine all her passions and write a travel guide for one of the sexiest cities in the world. Within the introduction, Sinclair briefly shares the city’s interesting “naughty history.” She then recommends additional resources for readers interested in doing more research of their own.

The book is divided into fun sections like “Naughty Travel,” “Naughty By Day (and Night),” “Naughty Shopping,” and “Naughty Business.” In a chapter titled “What to Pack,” Sinclair offers some fashion advice but mainly focuses on providing websites (or plugging her own) where readers can purchase items for a “naughty suitcase” – i.e. condoms, toys, a Marilyn Monroe costume. In the “Secret Rendezvous” chapter, the author provides suggestions on places to stay based on your itinerary (Solo Getaway, Girl Getaway, Lover’s Getaway or Kinky Getaway). The “Naughty By Day” section includes listings for places to learn: burlesque, pole dancing, salsa, hula and belly dancing. Find out how to host a naughty party and where the nude beaches are located. Under the “Naughty Shopping” section, find advice on where to buy lingerie, shoes, sex toys, erotic art and fetish supplies. “Naughty By Night” provides info for LA restaurants, bars, clubs and shows. There is also a section with advice for anyone interested in getting started in the porn business.

At times it feels like the book is one big advertisement for the Sienna Sinclair brand – she plugs her own website and risqué photos of her are scattered throughout the book. But it is all in good fun, written for consenting adults with a goal to see LA in a new way. This would made a great gift for a bride-to-be headed to LA for some bachelorette fun or for an open-minded gal moving to the city, looking for some unique places to meet new friends.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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