TheAshfordAffairAffairs of the Heart Complicated No Matter the Era


By Lauren Willig
St. Martin’s Press, $15.99, 355 pages

Lauren Willig’s The Ashford Affair introduces the reader to Clementine Evans, a 34 year-old associate at a present day New York law firm. The firm requires back breaking hours at the expense of her personal life. While Clementine attends her grandmother, Addie’s 99th birthday, she learns a family secret. The reader then meets Addie and Bea as society ladies in 1920’s England. Bea gets all the glory while Addie never quite fits in. The story gives glimpses into high society life in London, as well as, life in Kenya when Bea relocates there. Snippets of hints expertly guide the reader through the story to a not too surprising outcome. The Ashford Affair cleverly shares the challenges of love no matter the era. Bea makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to correct a “wrong.” Clementine tries to find true meaning in what she does even though her heart is not satisfied. Willig’s solid writing ensures the reader connects to her characters and is immersed in not only the secret, but also the impact of it effects.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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