TheDivinePineCute Story about the Real Meaning of Christmas


By Tracy M. Novembre
AuthorHouse, $17.99, 23 pages

Rhyming passages in this lyrical story tell of a woman racing home on December 23rd. A storm is happening and she has not had a chance to buy her Christmas tree. She didn’t know what she should do because she had no place to put her holiday gifts. She got home in the nick of time and cooked some popcorn. Outside her window she had a beautiful pine tree. Mr. Blue Jay knocked on the door and asked if he could stay safe in the tree’s branches. Then Roxy Raccoon and her family asked if they, too, could settle under the tree during the storm. She strung the popcorn and decorated the outdoor pine. The storm raged through the night, but in the morning the most grand, magical pine tree appeared. All the critters were safe and Christmas was not ruined after all. The Divine Pine teaches your little reader about giving and love. It also shares that unexpected things can happen when least expected. The illustrations are detailed and colorful. This is a great story year round, so don’t save it just for the holidays!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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