PrincessofSpartaSplendid Twist on an Epic Heroine


By Aria Cunningham
Mythmakers Publishing, $12.99, 290 pages

Spartan born will, warrior blood coursing through her veins, Helen of Troy was more than just a beautiful face desired by many men. This retelling of Helen as told by Aria Cunningham, a highly experienced archaeologist, stays true to her history as a female growing up at the mercy of men during a time when a woman’s worth was measured by heirs. Her love for her twin sister seals her fate under the hands of a cruel and unloving husband, Prince Menelaus and his rival of a beast brother, King Agamemnon. With a father refuses to talk to her, and a sister at constant blows with the King, Helen is alone in a world not hers. When the cursed Prince Paris sails into Mycenae, the Gods will do whatever it takes, even an all-out war, to prove Helen and Paris are soul mates.

“But the Gods know I want to. I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life.”

The Princess of Sparta is the perfect blend of history, romance, and action giving this book a broader reach with readers. The characters come alive in this forlorn world of long ago as they share their joy, pain, and struggles. Once you pick this book up, there’s no turning back or putting it down!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

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