WargamingCompendiumA Visually Informative and Useful Resource


By Henry Hyde
Casemate Publishing, $60.00, 520 pages

Remember playing Risk as a kid and wishing the little hunks of plastic where more realistic? After all, if you’re going to play a game that lasts for hours, shouldn’t it at least be creatively enticing? Now imaging being able to play with miniature cavalry, footmen, archers, and noisy cannons on a game board the size of your bedroom floor. Enter the world of wargaming. Miniatures, landscapes, towns, and your imagination create one of the most detailed hobbies bringing people together from all over the world. This book, The Wargaming Compendium will introduce and ease intimidated newcomers into the world of wargaming taking a step by step approach, while offering experienced gamers insights into areas they might be unfamiliar with, familiar and detailed topics to reflect upon, and providing all readers with a genuinely entertaining read that will be referenced for many years to come.

“The artillery quietly kept pace with everything else.”

The detail in this book is impeccable with full color pictures on nearly every page, the history behind the phenomena, what it takes to get started or expand, and everything you ever wanted to know about the game followed by the ninety percent you didn’t know existed. You’ll definitely walk away from this book more confident and informed. This book is highly recommend for all ages!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

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