BloodsuckersatWorkDon’t Get Caught Off Guard Again


By Rita Harris & Heather Harwood
AuthorHouse, $17.99, 21 pages

Children’s books for adults has become a thing as of late and as an adult, this new twist on defining who we want to be without following the rules is fantastic! Vampires. Sneaky, shifty, do-what-they-want-and-never-called-on-it, vampires. We all know or work with one and Rita Harris has taken her experience working with an HR firm and provides all non-vampires a guide to spotting them. Vampires are your coworkers who gossip, backstab, never have to work overtime or come in early, pawn off their work, always have something wrong with them and an excuse, and always seem to get the better hand.

“The undead have become so ubiquitous, they’re nearly impossible to avoid.”

More comedy than advice, Your Guide to Spotting and Outing Bloodsuckers at Work: A Little Book of Monstrous Puns provides readers page after page of every day professions that could and probably are inhabited by vampires. Such as a plastic surgeon is a count makesbigrackula or that corporate executive always bouncing around the office would be count fasttrackula. They’re all around us and the best way to stay protected is to order your own ally plushy vampire repellant toy from the authors website. What are you waiting for? Get your own copy and start protecting yourself!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

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