How many books is too many? This is the Greenfield’s third book about The Rolling Stones. Recently a friend of his asked him if there was anything left to say about The Rolling Stones. He claims that he said “No,” but as he explains on the next to last page of this book, “[This] of course did not stop me from going on at length about them here for the third time in my career.”

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The book is easy to read, but has few surprises: There is much strange fratricidal warfare between Mick and Keith. They all take lots of drugs. Some of the gigs, in the Greenfield’s estimation, are wonderful; some are mediocre. The recording process seems to take them forever, partly because Keith doesn’t always show up. We learn more about Greenfield than we probably need to know.

Put this book alongside the endless stack of books about The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.  Maybe we need a moratorium on biographies on these gentlemen.

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