If you’re having a lot of trouble with your manners or if people think you are immature, perhaps this guide can help. Growing up can seem impossible at times, and being rude never helps! After reading this guide, you should be proper and clean!

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“Girls are easily put off by someone who acts in an immature way, and not having a handkerchief or tissue in your pocket is definitely immature.”

This guide is supposed to help guys be more confident. However, this book only covers how to be well mannered and clean. It’s not quite clear how being proper and nice is going to boost a guy’s confidence. Personally, this reviewer doesn’t think that changing your entire identity is going to make you more confident. That’s like putting on a mask. If you want to have nice manners, that’s a different story. This book will give you step-by-step information on table manners, first impressions, appearance, and how to get along with your siblings. This book’s title shouldn’t be Be Cool & Confident: A guide For Guys. The title should convey something involving manners and hygiene. I recommend this to guys who want to brush up on their etiquette and personal cleanliness.

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