E.E. Giorgi introduces a new breed of detective in her mystery novel Chimeras: A Track Presius Mystery. Detective “Track” Presius was born with the enhanced senses of sight and smell, allowing him to gather more from a crime scene than the average detective. Track becomes embroiled in an investigation that begins with a missing person report and quickly escalates into a string of murders surrounding a genetic research company. Track’s eyes and nose lead him to the culprits faster than the official police investigation, and when time is of the essence, breaking the rules may be the only way to crack the case.

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“I sensed a lingering presence, feminine, one hand clasping the curtain. Did she look into the darkness outside? What drew her here – fear maybe? Or doubt? I inhaled. Feminine scents are elusive. Women don’t always stick to one fragrance like most men do, and their secretions change from day to day with their hormones. I can get a global picture of a feminine smell, but if I want to break it apart, get into the components of it, one woman alone is a maze of scents.”

The mystery at the heart of Chimeras is involved, and urges readers to keep turning the pages long into the evening. Much of the narrative deals with genetic engineering, to a technical level, which is simultaneously fascinating and overwhelming for the layman. Where the writing stumbles a bit is with interpersonal character relationships. Track also has a tendency to switch between using a character’s first and last names with alarming frequency, which may cause some character confusion. Overall, Chimeras is a well-crafted novel that is perfect for readers looking for a mystery story that knows its science.

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