Dark & Day by Israel Grey is an appealing and enthralling flight of the author’s imagination! In this book a global catastrophe in ancient times has led to a division of the Earth on the dark and sunny sides. The people living in the Dark and Day parts of the Earth have nothing in common. Anti-propaganda is the only thing that informs one about the other. They practically never meet and loathe and fear the other side. And they are very different. Empress rules the Dark side which is technically advanced. The Day side is a magical world governed by wizards.

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“When you make saints of yourselves and demons of your enemies, there are no limits to the destruction you can commit!”

Jonothon Wyer, the main character, lives in a small and peaceful city on the Dark End. He has a loving family (two parents and a sister) but severe health problems don’t allow him to enjoy his life. If he joins Empress’ army, his problems could be solved. Before leaving for military school, Jono accidentally finds a relic that is believed to be the Key of Destruction. Unfortunately, the eleven-year-old kid almost immediately loses it. Both sides of Earth want the Key in their possession because they are scared of being destroyed by the other side. Who has it? The war is coming. To save the planet, the physically fragile but spiritually strong Jono is determined to get the Key back before it is too late.

Grey’s writing is fresh and will catch readers’ attention. This mix of fantasy and sci-fi is may be inspired by video games and gives that feeling when you read it. The graphic illustrations add a lot to the story and are just wonderful. Jono and the other characters are likable and the plot is original. It is a shame that typos and several other editing issues often interrupt this enjoyable and engaging read.

Like the heroes found in The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, Jono has his own charm. Follow his adventures through this book and and next in the series, The Withering Mark.

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