If you are looking for characters that come to life with the flair of Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings, then this book will be everything you are looking for, and more! Each character has been perfectly sculpted into their very own unique person, down to the smallest details. Even the bad guys are written exceedingly well and stay true to their demeanor.

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“You’re kidding me. You served how long, mopping the conscience of a man whose name you never even knew?”

At first glance of the cover, you could mistake this for a Doctor Who novel. The title jumps off the page, but probably because it doesn’t like spiders! Hero Clyde isn’t alone, and when he learns there are others out there who share his unique magical power, bonds are formed and they set out together to make things right in their world. From the first page, you are swept up into a colorful world layered with subplots and filled with characters you feel you have known for a lifetime.

Fabrick is definitely going to be one of those books that readers of all ages devour, and they will beg for many sequels. If you are looking for an entirely new twist on fantasy, this has to be the book you pick up!

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