Haiku is one of the simplest of poetic structures; yet it can still pack a mighty punch. With a simple and delicate touch, haiku poets can transcend nature and life and bring out what we see in a just a few simple verses. Most people, when they think of haiku, think of Japan – a place of eternal beauty that can be summed up in three lines, and repeated syllables. Haiku is something that a lot of poets would struggle with, the ability to convey so much in so little.

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This collection is the work of an American poet, and one that is Native American. He works across the seasons, bringing them to life in their own special way, weaving the coming out of spring, to the full bloom of summer, into the quietness that is winter. It is rare to get a new collection of haiku printed these days, and especially one written by an American. The ability to bring out so much in so little is truly amazing and what makes this so enjoyable. These are short stanzas to be cherished and not rushed.

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