Just Missed The Sixties by Robert Henry Keith is a hilarious romp back in time. I am not a child of the 1960s but I came away with insight into the decade and a feeling of what I missed out on. Since my musical taste is more in tune with this time period and my favorite group is Led Zeppelin, I would have loved to have been alive during this time, if only to hear half of the music groups Keith mentions.

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In this book readers meet Joseph Roman, a college sophomore attending school in the great state of Wisconsin. Joseph is your typical college student. He goes to class, hangs out with friends at parties and on the weekend, uses recreational drugs and, ultimately, just tries to survive. And he listens to great music.

Keith writes about all kinds of lyrics and bands from the era which made me want to add them to my own music collection. He mentions one specific LP, called A Child’s Garden of Grass: A Pre-Legalization Comedy, which takes an interesting look at everything that deals with pot. The best advice it gives is what to do when smoking pot. Eat food, have sex and listen to music. As for what groups or genres of music you should go with, that is open for interpretation.

I enjoyed this book and found myself laughing out loud while reading it. Even though this book is part fiction, it will give readers a good sense of what happened during this time period. I highly recommend this book. It reminded me of That 70s Show, from its setting in Wisconsin, to the one liners from Kelso and Fez. Just add Red Forman and you’ll be good to go.

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