MissionMarsIf Space Doesn’t Interest You, It Will After This Book


By Pascal Lee
Scholastic, $6.99, 48 pages

If you don’t really like reading or learning about space, you will after reading Mission: Mars by Pascal Lee. This book is very colorful and makes you want to actually read and look at everything on every page. There is a lot of information packed inside, but it is put into small sentences, facts, paragraphs and always with artwork or photos. Each page is full color and broken up into Phases, where you will take the challenge of training for a Mars mission. You will have to pass some questions before moving on, or just keep trying if you don’t see any Book Police around. If you are reading this book, you are also probably a kid and still thinking about what you want to be when you grow up. Maybe this book will help you want to be an astronaut, a scientist or an explorer.

“Phobos [one of two moons] is so close to Mars that it’s slowly drifting toward the planet.”

The author is a chairman at the Mars Institute, has a PhD in astronomy, works as the director of the Mars Project at NASA and is a scientist at the SETI Institute. You can download the SETI program on your computer and help them search for aliens too!

Reviewed by Avery Heimbuch

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