Kick Lannigan was kidnapped when she was just five years old. Held captive for years and forced into child pornography, she has since schooled herself in self-defense in order to feel safe as she navigates adulthood. When Kick discovers a strange man in her apartment, she learns that her unfortunate knowledge of the child-porn underworld could help find a recently kidnapped boy. In the days that follow, painful memories surface as Kick revisits the sites of her trauma to crack the case.

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One Kick is an important book, and mesmerizing from the first pages to the last. Chelsea Cain has created sharply vivid characters who take the reader through an intense and emotional investigation of kidnappers and internet pornography, and the story evokes understanding and sympathy for the lifelong damage done to victims of abuse. Perhaps strangely, One Kick is at the same time an entertaining and enjoyable work of fiction that draws you into the riveting life of a spirited but fragile survivor as she conquers her fears and faces her new life.

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