High school senior Michelle lives in her own bitter reality. It seems with a useless counselor, an uncaring mother, and bullies at school, she has no one to rely on but herself. With an irritable attitude towards others, Michelle builds her defensive wall high. That is, until she meets Nate. Full of positivity and kindness, Nate seems too good to be true. He gives Michelle a newfound hope. However, it seems her hardships are not quite over when her relationship with Nate is jeopardized.

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“Called and gave you a report. It went something like this: ‘Michelle is lazy. Michelle does not find my speeches about efficiency fascinating. Michelle is a bad person and would be fired if not for the fact that Mrs. Fanna is friends with my soon-to-be-ex-wife.’ That sound close?”

This narrator has a lot of angst. To most people, Michelle might be a hard character to connect with. But a character so fragile and bitter like her rather can be intriguing. Once you look past her rudeness and dislike for others, you can see that she’s a very unique character. It’s nice to see someone who is not very nice, someone who can be herself with no apologies. This story was is emotional roller coaster. When Nate enters Michelle’s life, their relationship grows, and the reader sits on the sidelines, cheering them on. However, it was easily crumbled at the end. There is still beauty in the ending, because it’s a realistic one. This book is recommend for someone who has patience and loves a good tragic romance.

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