January Winston, the main character in Don Balch’s crime story Sequence of Self, has plans to identify the man who attacked and raped her in her own home. Yet Jan remains hesitant because this man, Rey Parsons, has been released from prison based on procedural errors and is now enjoying the benefits that come with support from the government. Jan is practically left alone with her nightmares while her attacker and rapist (who has already served eight years for a similar crime) walks free.

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While Rey receives free medical treatment and gets a well paid desk job in a big phone company, Jan fights for survival. It’s difficult, but being a mother of two who tries to raise her children right, Jan has to be strong. She also needs to deal with her boyfriend George who is obsessed with revenge. Things are even more complicated by the fact that George is also Jan’s partner in their own trivial crime related to workplace theft. Depressed, exhausted and scared, Jan is looking for a trouble-free life. It tears her apart, but Jan must decide what to do about these issues. Are the decisions she makes the best for herself and her family? Will they bring her peace of mind or simple relief?

Whereas no one in this story is innocent, the characters are reliable and well developed. The novel’s complicated and challenging narrative structure will provide a nice change for readers. The book is written in a manner that is skillfully charged with stress, tension and strain – all great qualities of a crime story. Its language syncs perfectly with the problematic relationships of the book’s protagonists. Read Sequence of Self to find out about the future of Jan and her family.

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