SevenWondersX-Men Meets Percy Jackson


By Peter Lerangis
Harper, $6.99, 348 pages

With so many tween books aimed at girls or featuring talking animals, this reviewer always gets excited when more books like Percy Jackson are written. While this book, Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises is very similar to the stories written by Rick Riordan, readers have to remember that most books are similar to other books in the same genre and, as long as the story is good, it’s okay if there are some things that crossover.

“Because those who die early are, by definition, not the fittest.”

In this book, we meet the dying Jack who must find seven ancient lost relics in order to live. After he is taken to the academy, he teams up with three other kids, and they set out to solve the ancient puzzles in hopes of finding these lost relics and saving everyone’s lives.

You don’t really get too much information about the characters other than their ages and their special talents, which made it a little difficult to connect with them on a personal level, but the author may be saving this for the other books. What the author does successfully is provide readers with a lot of action, adventure and history as the characters travel the world If this is what you like in a book, you definitely will want to read this it!

Reviewed by Avery Heimbuch

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