Action, action and more action! Spectre Rising is exceedingly dynamic and moves and turns as fast as the F-16 jet that the book’s hero, Captain Cal “Spectre” Martin is flying. Unfortunately, Cal is flying only in nightmares that flashback to more exciting times. Although the narrative begins on an air fight in Basra, 2009, this story is not about the Iraq War.

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Discharged from the military, Spectre now lives in Miami with his fiancee Chloe Moss. They have been engaged for 5 years and she is still an active pilot serving in the same squadron. One evening Chloe suddenly brakes up their engagement. Cal’s stable and pastoral life ends and fills with turmoil.
Moreover, a few weeks later Chloe’s F-16 disappears during a routine training flight. Spectre refuses to believe it is a simple crash. Looking for answers and analyzing other facts and circumstances surrounding this event, Cal concludes that her disappearance isn’t accidental. With the help of a few old friends he proves that this is not a coincidence and the situation jeopardizes national security. The former combatants risk their life once more for the country.

“The more Spectre thought about it, the more the situation bugged him…He would never be able to live with himself knowing he did nothing when he could have done something.”

During this operation Spectre and his friends deal with kidnapping, betrayal, corruption and terrorism. While the story is fictional, there is no doubt that many of the book’s episodes are based on the author’s own Iraq War experience, since he is also a former F-16 pilot. C.W. Lemoine describes Cal’s flights and fights and provides a lot of specific details and military terms. The technicality of these sections fit in with the narrative and bring more reliability and validity to the entire story. Readers will feel they are participating in the events themselves.

The end of this international terror story and the fate of the protagonist will not disappoint you. Your level of adrenaline will soar with the twists and turns of the story. Spectre Rising is a gripping and promising opening for the Spectre series.

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